3 Design Tricks to Make Your Deck and Patio Stylish This Summer

By Melissa Saliba | In-House Designer

Our amazing PNW summer is finally here! We only get a few months out of the year to use our outdoor living spaces, so we want to make sure they are inviting and functional. Here are some of my favorite ways to add character to deck and patio living spaces.

  1. Add wood and greenery. We live in the PNW so our backwards should be reflective of our natural environment and the best way to do that is make it blend in with wood and plants/ trees. I love this outdoor space because it is cozy and private while feeling organic.

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  1. Add twinkle lights. Lighting is just as important in outdoor living spaces as indoor. Lighting creates an ambiance and there is truly nothing better than sitting outside on a warm summer night under soft, warm twinkle lights. Whether draped from trees or hanging overhead, outdoor lighting is a must.
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  1. Add textiles. Whether you have company or you and your hubby are planning a date night in your backyard, you want to be comfortable and for the outdoor area to be an extension of your home. Adding seat cushions, throw blankets, pillows and outdoor rugs creates a feeling of an outdoor living space, not just a deck with some furniture. If you keep the big elements like the deck and greenery simple, you can add bold textures and colors to show some of your personal style.
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