Blending Design Styles

By Leanne Mueller | In-House Designer

The home is Northwest Contemporary. He has a Modern flair. She has a love for tradition. How do we go about blending these two very different design styles? You might ask, “Can this really be done?” Yes it can!

This Burnstead home in our Shadow Creek neighborhood is a fine example of how to combine styles with integrity and makes everyone feel at home.


The clean line plumbing fixtures and appliances give a modern edge to this kitchen which has roots in the classic traditional style.

Granite countertops and stained alder mission cabinets have been a staple in the Northwest for many years. As design trends are evolving, and new products are available, we can create a fresh current look. Bringing the backsplash tile to the ceiling provides a dynamic backdrop in this kitchen, and ties all of the finishes together.


Modern industrial lighting and timeless cabinet hardware provide the finishing touches.