Burnstead Employee Spotlight: Part 1 of 2

This week, we’d like to recognize the philanthropic endeavors of our Burnstead Construction LLC project manager, Brian Martens and in-house designer, Leanne Mueller.

Today we are highlighting Brian Martens’ service work. He visited Guatemala this past year and shares his experience with us:

brian-and-kidsBrian Martens

“For quite some time, one of my friends had been encouraging me to join him on his annual trip to Guatemala where he does work with a local nonprofit. Last winter, I finally decided to go with him. Our main duties were to assist local doctors and dentists with their mobile medical clinics.  We serviced several small villages where the residents received little to no routine medical care. It was our responsibility to set up facilities each day at a school or community center, and see more than 100 dental and medical patients each day. It was amazing to see what could be done with completely mobile equipment.

On a typical day, we were up early, ate breakfast, and then drove several trucks loaded with equipment. It took us less than an hour to be completely set up with four dental chairs, one dental hygienist chair, a lab for ultrasounds, an optometry clinic, examination rooms for three doctors and a pharmacy.  Along with the medical unit, we had a small crew that did some light construction work.  This included installing school bells and much needed electrical outlets for a clinic.


As I do not have a medical background, I was leery about how much I could actually contribute. A few days into the trip, I became well versed on medical assisting, and setting up or breaking down the equipment each day.  Everyone worked hard during the day, but we had time in evenings for a good meal and even some sightseeing.  It was amazing to work alongside folks that have such huge hearts.  Most of our team had gone on this trip many times before, but I was welcomed in as part of their group and given the nickname “Rookie” since I was a newbie. My trip to Guatemala was a life changing experience; I have already signed up to go again in 2017!”

Thank you Brian for helping to make a difference! It’s truly inspiring. Stay tuned this Friday for Leanne Mueller’s experience in Haiti!