Creating the Perfect Laundry Room

By Leanne Mueller | Burnstead In-House Designer Typically the laundry room is not a space that is designed to be center stage but that doesn’t mean it needs to lack style! It can be a place of peace and inspiration, with stylish decor and a functional design. Here are a few ideas to help your laundry… Continue reading »

Favorite Home Decorating Tips from Top Designers

By Leanne Mueller | In-House Designer I often study creative designers, most of which have very different styles and techniques. I thought I would pass on some of their decorating tricks to inspire you. It doesn’t matter what your individual style is, most well thought out details work to enhance any décor style. DESIGNER TIPS… Continue reading »

Burnstead Design Tips from Leanne - Lighting

Expert Design Tips: Lighting by Leanne

By Leanne Mueller | In-House Designer As a designer here at the Burnsteads, I see that lighting is an incredibly important element when it comes to the design of a home. People often choose a light fixture or lamp because we think it is stylish and interesting, or maybe because it simply gets the job… Continue reading »