Creating the Perfect Laundry Room

By Leanne Mueller | Burnstead In-House Designer

Typically the laundry room is not a space that is designed to be center stage but that doesn’t mean it needs to lack style! It can be a place of peace and inspiration, with stylish decor and a functional design. Here are a few ideas to help your laundry room become a place you are happy to enter, and make the “dirty” tasks you need to complete not seem like such a chore.


I like to focus on good lighting for functionality, but an interesting light fixture can also work as a style setting focal point of a room. The best light for a laundry room is natural light, but if it doesn’t have windows you can duplicate this effect with light fixtures and bulbs. Don’t forget about under-cabinet lighting, which works fabulously for task lighting if your laundry room has a location for it. Here is some design inspiration to get you started:

Laundry Room LightingImage by Studio McGee                                                  Image via Soartech-Aero

Suggested Lighting Fixtures:

Ballard Designs Industrial Shade Pendants – $43.99 – $98.00 (left) | Schoolhouse Newbury 6″ – $149 (right)


Instead of having piles of laundry on the floor and clutter lying around, I usually prefer to strategically hide it. On the other hand, I also find that convenient access to everything is best. Therefore, I like to leave the things I use most often out within easy reach such as the laundry detergent but keep the rest organized within cabinets, decorative hampers or smaller baskets on the countertops. This still gives me the sense of order that I crave but it makes life easier by having my go-to items readily accessible. There are many options when it comes to storage containers and laundry hampers that can help give your laundry room some style.

Image by Twelve On Main                          Image by Tim Barber LTD

Also creating a space for hanging your laundry is really helpful. A great place for this is under a shelf, or depending on space you can add a wall-mounted or freestanding drying rack.

Suggested Drying Racks:

Container Store Compact Accordian Drying Rack – $19.99 (left) | Pottery Barn Wallmount Drying Rack – $199 (right)


Select flooring and countertop materials that are easy to maintain. The laundry area is the drop zone for dirty and wet clothes and towels. Smooth surfaces that are simple to wipe clean function well here. We typically recommend laminate or solid surface countertops to our Burnstead homebuyers.

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