Designing Your Home to Create Long Lasting Value and Market Appeal

By Leanne Mueller | In-House Designer

While working closely with new homebuyers in making design decisions for their home, I find they are often concerned with resale value. Therefore, when it comes time to consider design selections and upgrades they are not only making aesthetic decisions but also financial ones. A well-designed home really is a balance – between your wants and needs and creating market appeal. Of course you want to design your home to reflect your personal style and individual needs, but I also encourage you to consider resale value when making critical design decisions.

Here are the top key areas where I see the possibilities of adding long-term value as you design and personalize your new home:

  1. First impression. Curb appeal counts. If you are building a home in one of our Burnstead neighborhoods, then you are already off to a good start! Driving through a well-designed and impeccably maintained neighborhood can make a positive, lasting impression. The exterior colors and materials should complement your home style as well as the surrounding homes. The goal is to make each home unique without standing out or demanding attention in a negative way. Bold personal front door colors and exterior light fixtures are a simple way to give your home personality, but can easily be changed if needed. It’s also important to select plants and landscape elements that complement the home style and thrive in our environment. By keeping the front yard maintained, plants and planters updated, and walkways clean your home will have a positive first impression and wonderful curb appeal.

Shadow Creek lot 4 and 9Shadow Creek – Lot 4


SRE Exterior-Aerial-View_Lot11Sammamish Ridge Estates – Lot 11

  1. Functional closet spaces. A well-designed and functional master closet space will add value to any home. It’s a feature of our Burnstead homes that always appeals to homebuyers. Also a well laid out pantry is a must for any organized kitchen. With a bit of customization, you can create a space that meets your specific needs while at the same time adding value to your home.

SRE master-closet

  1. Kitchen – the heart of the home. A well-equipped kitchen is the room that reflects your lifestyle, where you will spend the majority of your time and make the most memories. It is also the place where attention to design and upgrades will add the most value. Pay special attention to appliances, cabinets and countertops, as this is what others focus on. The key to lasting home values here is to stay classic with the design details that are more expensive and difficult to change. Minor details such as light fixtures and hardware will add that personal style and value to your home but are easy to update with current styles and trends.

Shadow Creek, Lot 10 - Custom Luxury Homes in Redmond, WAShadow Creek – Lot 10

  1. Pantry and storage – you can never have too much storage! An organized pantry, utility room and mudroom provide much needed options for organization and help keep your home clutter free and functional. Also adding shelves or closet systems in hall and bedroom closets increase opportunities for storage, and look impressive. How well a space functions and lives is important to many and will increase market value to your home.
  1. Paint – a favorite design secret. Painting is the most cost-effective way to personalize a space. Freshly painted rooms feel updated, and depending on the color, add character and mood. If considering resale down the road it’s pretty simple to put on a fresh coat of a neutral colored paint that will enhance the room and give it a bright, clean look.
  1. Bathrooms – worth your design effort. The master bath, your personal retreat, is a close second behind the kitchen in level of importance. Keeping the palate neutral while focusing your design dollars and attention on plumbing fixtures and finishes will be a wise investment. Consider lighting and hardware in the bathrooms as well for adding value and a simple way to show your personal style.
  2. Proper lighting – should never be overlooked. Not only does lighting create atmosphere, but it also is important for tasks, such as cooking, reading, applying make-up, shaving, etc. Ample light is especially important in providing sufficient lighting during our often overcast Northwest weather. Even if you prefer a darker atmosphere, adding adequate lighting during the construction process is more cost effective and wise. You don’t have to turn them on yourself, but your resale buyer will thank you and so will your pocket book.

SRE master-bathSammamish Ridge Estates – Lot 11

  1. Energy. There are so many ways to save on your energy bills beyond buying the right kitchen appliances. Tankless water heaters, as well as plumbing and air-conditioning with high efficiency ratings can make a huge difference and are a smart upgrade when it comes to adding market value.
  2. Sense of space – making the most of your square footage. Selecting and placing furniture that fits the scale of the room can go a long way in making the space feel larger than it actually is. If you can make a room feel inviting, functional, spacious, and a have a clear purpose, buyers will likely see the homes potential when it comes time to sell your home.