Fun and Fiery Features for Backyards

By Nancy Olmos | Real Estate Agent

A major trend in creating a multi-season backyard is adding the element of fire. Most of us love grilling in the great outdoors. The outdoor kitchens we aspire to create can feature simple grilling features to pizza ovens. Fire pits with seating fueled by a gas feed makes for great Marshmallow roasting and those S’more building moments.


The growing popularity of the outdoor gas log fireplace, often in a covered patio setting, makes our liquid sunshine days fun to view from a comfortable seat by the fire. We also can see that the juxtaposition of water features and fire are a playful expression of these two elements.


And our choices in furnishings that feature fire pits in tables continues to expand to offer many ways to have flexibility in our feature placements.


In exploring these fun features you can create the environment you will enjoy best in your personally designed back yard!