All-Natural Home Cleaners

As a new mom, it is important for me to keep harsh chemicals out of reach of my child and to keep the VOCs to a minimum. There are so many great ways to make your own cleaning products and they actually work! Here are a few I came across on Pinterest and tested in my own home.
Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner
1 cup white vinegar
¼ cup washing soda, not baking soda
3 drops liquid castile soap
4 drops tea tree oil
¼ cup vodka
8 drops essential oil for scent (optional)

Microwave the vinegar until it is boiling. Add washing soda and stir until fully dissolved. Add castile soap, tea tree oil, vodka, and essential oil and then shake.  Place mixture in a closed container for storage. When ready to use, mix one part cleaner to four parts water. This mixture works great on counters, sinks, and more!
Laundry Soap
2 cups soap flakes
1 cup baking soda or soda crystals
1 cup borax powder
1 cup washing soda, not baking soda

To make your own soap flakes, grate a bar of soap on the large-hole side of a grater or cut into chunks and grate in a food processor.  Combine all ingredients and place in a plastic or glass container with a lid. This soap works best with hot water. For top-loading washing machines, use ½ to 1 cup (2 cups for very heavily soiled clothing). For front-loading and high-efficiency machines, use 2 tablespoons.


Glass and Mirror Cleaner
½ cup white vinegar
3 cups distilled water
1 teaspoon dish soap

Place all ingredients in a spray bottle. Spray directly onto windows and mirrors.