New Community of Custom-Built Homes Coming to Redmond in 2017

By Paula Judson | Production/Purchasing Manager – Rick Burnstead Construction LLC

Breaking Ground in Redmond

Progress is underway at our new Redmond neighborhood, Hawthorne Lane. We are excited to introduce 36 new homes coming to Redmond in 2017. There are many steps that go into producing a new neighborhood. Starting with the acquisition of the land, then working with engineers to establish the layout of the lots and the supporting utilities, and finally the construction of the infrastructure, roads, and parks. This process can take years and knowing where and when to start can be a gamble for a builder or developer.

Breaking ground - new community of custom-built homes in Redmond - Hawthorne Lane

A large portion of the work done during the development is unseen when completed. For instance, what appears as a large lawn or park may actually be a water retention vault. Such vaults store storm water, allowing the sediment in the water to settle, so the clean water can then be released back into nearby streams or lakes.

New community of custom-built homes coming in 2017 Redmond

The Burnsteads have been building in Redmond for over 40 years! Each neighborhood we develop brings in new residents that help to further establish the community, and we are proud to be part of Redmond’s ever-growing dynamic.

Please check back soon for updates on our Hawthorne Lane neighborhood.