Sammamish WA Family-Friendly Fun

A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILY FUN WITH FURRY FRIENDS By Kathleen Pennington | Managing Broker - John. L. Scott/HWP Are you looking for some family-friendly fun on the Eastside this summer? A wonderful experience awaits you and your family! Bring your family to make new friends with these gentle and friendly furry animals! Sammamish Animal Sanctuary at Second Chance Ranch is home to over 30 farm animals that were previously in neglectful or abusive situations. Their lives are full of love and care Read more [...]

3 Design Tricks to Make Your Deck and Patio Stylish This Summer

By Melissa Saliba | In-House Designer Our amazing PNW summer is finally here! We only get a few months out of the year to use our outdoor living spaces, so we want to make sure they are inviting and functional. Here are some of my favorite ways to add character to deck and patio living spaces. Add wood and greenery. We live in the PNW so our backwards should be reflective of our natural environment and the best way to do that is make it blend in with wood and plants/ trees. I love this outdoor Read more [...]

Favorite Home Decorating Tips from Top Designers

By Leanne Mueller | In-House Designer I often study creative designers, most of which have very different styles and techniques. I thought I would pass on some of their decorating tricks to inspire you. It doesn’t matter what your individual style is, most well thought out details work to enhance any décor style. DESIGNER TIPS FROM SOME OF THE BEST  “Using the colors and pattern of a rug as the starting place for all the other accessories in a room—the lamps, pillows, mirrors.”—Barclay Read more [...]

Summer Hiking With Kids

By Kathleen Pennington | Managing Broker - John L. Scott/HWP Do you love getting out and enjoying the natural beauty of the Seattle area? Being outdoors is a wonderful experience for our children too. Hiking with young children can be a different sort of excursion, so it is important to be prepared for hiking with little ones. Below are some helpful tips to consider when hiking with the whole family. Let your children set the pace of the hike. What you think might be a quick and easy 30-minute Read more [...]

All-Natural Home Cleaners

As a new mom, it is important for me to keep harsh chemicals out of reach of my child and to keep the VOCs to a minimum. There are so many great ways to make your own cleaning products and they actually work! Here are a few I came across on Pinterest and tested in my own home.   Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner Ingredients: 1 cup white vinegar ¼ cup washing soda, not baking soda 3 drops liquid castile soap 4 drops tea tree oil ¼ cup vodka 8 drops essential oil for scent (optional) Instructions: Microwave Read more [...]

Are Rabbits Having Lunch in Your Garden?

By Kathleen Pennington | Managing Broker - John L. Scott/HWP Are you bothered by uninvited guests having breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your garden? Me too! Within a few days of planting beautiful flowers in my garden, the rabbits ate all of the petals and my flowers are now nothing but bare stems. Like most people, I enjoy seeing these adorable furry rabbits hopping around my yard, but I am tired of feeding them. If I could negotiate with them, I would! I would be happy to put a small garden Read more [...]

Designing the Perfect Nursery for a Baby Boy or Baby Girl

There is nothing better than decorating for a little bundle of joy!  Nurseries are meant to be fun, inviting, and calming for the baby.  Caregivers and baby spend a lot of time in the nursery, so it is important that comfort, functionality, and atmosphere are kept in mind during the design process.    There are many cute patterns that are available, but it is important to pick a major focal point and work from there.  If too many patterns are blended, the room may feel chaotic and not calming.  Read more [...]
Shadow Creek Lot 5 Entry

Creating an Effortless Home in Just a Few Easy Steps

By: Leanne Mueller You know the feeling when you walk into a room and it just feels right - not too simple, not overly designed, just perfectly imperfect.  Then you start pondering your own home…Why doesn’t my kitchen look that inviting?  Why doesn’t my entry foyer feel welcoming?  We have all been there and I am here to tell you that effortless design does not require extensive schooling or an inherent creative gene. Successfully styling a space, so that it appears effortlessly designed, Read more [...]
Burnstead Design Tips from Leanne - Lighting

Ask Our Designer: Best Places for Interior Design Inspiration

Looking to make your home chic and stylish? Our in-house designer, Melissa Saliba, shares her favorite websites where she gets her design inspiration from: Sammamish Ridge Estates Lot 1 Dining Room Pinterest is an all-around great site. It shoes design ideas in every style, do it yourself projects, interior and exterior ideas. This is the first place I look when I need design inspiration. Gives fantastic before and after photos and DIY projects. Read more [...]
The Timbers at Marymoor - Lot 1 Redmond, WA Custom Home

PNW Modern Home Exterior Trends

By Melissa Saliba | In-House Designer PNW modern exteriors have been trending for a few years now and the momentum just keeps growing. The Northwest contemporary look is a mix of modern and rustic elements - stone, metal and wood on exteriors make the homes fit naturally into the surrounding trees and are modern without feeling cold or commercial. One of the main features of the Northwest contemporary exterior is cedar tongue and groove siding. The wood itself is what makes the home feel rustic Read more [...]