Northwest Contemporary Exterior Trends

By Melissa Saliba | In-House Designer

Northwest contemporary exteriors have been trending for a few years now and the momentum just keeps growing. The Northwest contemporary look is a mix of modern and rustic elements – stone, metal and wood on exteriors make the homes fit naturally into the surrounding trees and are modern without feeling cold or commercial. One of the main features of the Northwest contemporary exterior is cedar tongue and groove siding. The wood itself is what makes the home feel rustic and helps it fit in with the surrounding nature. It is the texture, color and size of the wood that gives the exterior a contemporary look. The lines are clean and thin, making for a sleek, simplistic look.


Adding stone to the exterior of the home is a great way to introduce color and texture. The size and shape of the stone can help define the style. There are many stone options to choose from, as long as the color works well with the rest of the palate.

Metal is introduced in places such as the roof, corners of the home, and sometimes steel beams at the entryway. Metal can really enhance the beauty of your home, no matter how you choose to incorporate it. The pitch of the roof is another feature that can help determine the style of your home. The angle, pitch, and material of your roof add a contemporary feel to the home. Right now, we are focusing on flat, low-pitched rand even sometimes radius roofs.


I love this style of home and it is perfect for someone like myself whose design aesthetic is eclectic. Combing contemporary with rustic creates a sophisticated home that is comfortable, yet incorporates many natural elements.