Are Rabbits Having Lunch in Your Garden?

By Kathleen Pennington | Managing Broker – John L. Scott/HWP

Are you bothered by uninvited guests having breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your garden? Me too! Within a few days of planting beautiful flowers in my garden, the rabbits ate all of the petals and my flowers are now nothing but bare stems.

Like most people, I enjoy seeing these adorable furry rabbits hopping around my yard, but I am tired of feeding them. If I could negotiate with them, I would! I would be happy to put a small garden in for them – full of leafy greens and carrots – but I still believe they would want a bigger smorgasbord and end up eating my rabbit-friendly flowers and shrubs.

After researching which types of flowers and shrubs are rabbit-resistant, I plan to fill my garden with the plants they don’t find so tasty. Here are the types of flowers and shrubs that rabbits tend to dislike:

  • Prickly
  • Fragrant
  • Smelly
  • Milky
  • Thick leaves

A few options I like seeing in a garden:

[Top Left: Pincushion Flower, Top Center: Exotic Yarrow, Top Right: Black-Eyed Susan, Bottom Center: Sage, Bottom Right: Thyme ]

I found this site to be particularly helpful in determining which plants and flowers qualify as rabbit-resistant. I also know people that have had success using spray repellent on their rabbit-loving garden areas. You can try Liquid Fence, which can be purchased at any hardware or garden store.
Best of luck with the rabbits picnicking in your yard!


Kathleen Pennington – Managing Broker John L. Scott/Burnsteads