Sammamish Ridge Estates Lot 11 Custom Home Sammamish, WA

Steps to Buying a New Home in 2017

By Kathleen Pennington | Managing Broker John L. Scott/HWP

Sammamish Ridge Estates Lot 11 Custom HomesSammamish Ridge Estates – Lot 11

Maybe this is the year you are ready to purchase your first house or invest in a larger home. Here are a few important steps to ensure a smooth transition into a new home:

  1. Visit a lender to get an understanding of your financing options. The benefit of being pre-approved shows potential sellers and realtors you are serious about your purchase. It will also give you an understanding of lender fees, mortgage insurance, title insurance, closing costs, etc.
  1. Determine the market value of your current home – Our homes are linked to emotional values – raising our children, adding all your personal taste and decorating. Sometimes it is difficult to look past those non-monetary values to determine the market value of your home. Market value, however, is based on the economics of supply and demand. As home inventory increases or decreases it could have an impact on the home’s price. Working with a knowledgeable realtor who understands the market can be helpful in determining the true value of your home.
  1. Prepare your house to go on the market – First impression is key. Staging your home and creating open spaces with minimal furniture gives the prospective buyers the ability to see themselves in the home. It is the perfect time to get your home in order, and to make the necessary repairs and maintenance that may need to be addressed later. Preparing your house turns it into a marketable home.
  1. View homes in the areas you are interested in buying – When buying a new home with the help of your realtor, you want to start looking for any homes within your criteria. Perhaps prioritize what is most important in your future home (minimum number of bedrooms and baths, first floor master bedroom and bath, proximity to work and other amenities, yard size, etc.) and communicate that to your realtor so they are able to advise you on your purchasing options.

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