Summer Hiking With Kids

By Kathleen Pennington | Managing Broker – John L. Scott/HWP

Do you love getting out and enjoying the natural beauty of the Seattle area? Being outdoors is a wonderful experience for our children too. Hiking with young children can be a different sort of excursion, so it is important to be prepared for hiking with little ones. Below are some helpful tips to consider when hiking with the whole family.

Let your children set the pace of the hike. What you think might be a quick and easy 30-minute hike, can actually take a few hours. Even a half-mile walk in the woods to a stream is a “hike” for small children.
Try not to rush them – let them explore and have fun. If the kids aren’t happy and having fun, you won’t be happy either!
Kids can get tired, cranky, and bored, so be sure to make the hike fun. Waterfalls, creeks, and viewpoints add interest for everyone.
Create a scavenger hunt for your hike. Find leaves, twigs, plants of certain colors and shapes. Have a tablet so the kids can draw what they find.

Find places that have geocaching, and be sure to bring an item to replace the one you find along the way –
Be sure to fit each child with sturdy, closed-toe shoes or boots for hiking. In the Northwest, especially spring and fall, always be prepared with raincoats and hats.
Pack plenty of food, snacks, and water. Keeping everyone fueled and hydrated will ensure you all enjoy your hike!

These links offer great recommendations for kid-friendly hikes in our area:
Have fun enjoying our natural beauty with the whole family!