Designing the Perfect Nursery for a Baby Boy or Baby Girl

There is nothing better than decorating for a little bundle of joy!  Nurseries are meant to be fun, inviting, and calming for the baby.  Caregivers and baby spend a lot of time in the nursery, so it is important that comfort, functionality, and atmosphere are kept in mind during the design process. 


There are many cute patterns that are available, but it is important to pick a major focal point and work from there.  If too many patterns are blended, the room may feel chaotic and not calming.  Introduce soft elements like window treatments, pillows, and a rug to make the room feel cozy and inviting.  Soft lighting, comfortable seating, and storage are also important elements to keep in mind to maximize both comfort and functionality.   










A rule book does not exist that says a girl’s room must be pink and a boy’s room needs to be blue.  More and more parents are choosing to keep the baby’s room neutral and are not afraid to introduce masculine colors in a girl’s nursery and vice versa.  










The two color schemes I selected are meant to be soft and somewhat natural. Elements of both nurseries can be used in rooms designed for baby boys or baby girls.

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