2017 DesignTrend - Suspension Lighting

Top 5 Home Design Trends You’ll Love in 2017

2017 Top Design Trends

2017 is right around the corner and you maybe asking yourself, “What are the hottest home design trends for 2017?” You are in luck! As 2016 is coming to a close, our stellar in-house designer, Melissa Saliba, shares her favorite trends for home design in 2017:

1.  Heated Floors in the Master Bath – The master bath is often a sanctuary for people. It is where they can relax and unwind from their day, especially in Seattle during our chilly winter months. There is nothing like walking into a bathroom with heated floors and that is why I feel it is a top design trend for 2017! The thermostat allows you to control it from your phone or program to come on in the early mornings or late at night. This is an upgrade I am seeing more of and in my opinion, totally worth it. I believe more and more people will see the benefit of this feature and add this home upgrade in 2017.

2017 Design Trend - heated floors
2.  Linear Suspension Lights –
If you are looking at light fixtures for the kitchen, you’ll typically see a few pendant lights over the kitchen island. I think this will always be a popular request and we will continue to have homes with this kind of lighting. However, I see this home design trend leaning towards a more linear light that is more modern and for people who are looking for a simplified look. Here at the Burnsteads and Suver & Burnstead, we still get the requests for the 3 pendant lights over the kitchen island but as more of the linear lights are produced and installed this will become a new trend for our homebuyers.

Kitchen With Suspension Lighting

3.  Solid Surface Waterfall Edge – Adding a waterfall edge to the kitchen island or bath vanity is an exceptional way to finish the end of the cabinet. Adding this upgrade is a fantastic way to make your kitchen or bathroom unique and stand out from your neighbors. It can always be done with a solid colored quartz but this design trend is more dramatic with a natural stone or quartz that has some linear veining or pattern. I believe this is something that is gaining peoples’ attention and is becoming an appealing design investment.

2017 Design Trend-Waterfall edge
4.  Sliding Barn Doors – This trend has been around for a few years now. I think it will continue in 2017 but I think more people will be adding the sliding barn doors wherever they can. What’s wonderful is that there’s so many different styles to choose from that will fit every design aesthetic. Some sliding barn doors have glass, some have leather or fabric, some are stain and some are painted beautiful hues! You can customize sliding barn doors to your home whether you are looking for a formal and elegant look or a simple and casual look. There’s virtually something for everyone.

5.  Steel – We are starting to use more steel in our homes. Whether it’s at the staircase or even a fireplace detail, I think buyers will be adding more of this material to their homes. Steel is a terrific element for the Pacific Northwest in that it has a rustic, modern feel that this region is known for. It is not an inexpensive material but can easily add great character and value to your home for years to come.